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  • What kind of payments do you accept?
    We accept cash, credit and check!
  • Where do you get your power and water?
    Our grooming vehicles are completely self contained. They have a generator that powers the entire vehicle. They are the quietest grooming vehicles on the market. All of our vehicles have 50 gallon water tanks and water heater, so every pup gets a nice warm bath!
  • Is there A/C and Heat?
    Yes, all of our vehicles have both A/C and Heat. The vehicles are insulated as well, so they have great climate control.
  • I have a very matted dog can you help me?
    We will inspect the condition of your pet's coat when we arrive. We do charge $1 per minute for de-matting. If your pet becomes uncomfortable during de-matting, we will let the owner know.
  • Can you groom my dog while I'm at work?
    Yes! Arrangements can be made (pretty easily) to groom your pup while you are at work. Coming home to a clean pup with a fresh cut is so fun!
  • Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment?
    We understand that life happens! However, Comb & Collars requires 5 days advance notice prior to cancelling an appointment. The nature of our service means we have to be very specific about our routes and dogs, so advance notice is required. Cancellation fees: 3-5 days notice pay 25% of grooming cost, 24-48 Hours pay 50% of the grooming cost, day of cancellations will in-cure the full cost of the groom.
  • How does the arrival time work?
    We give a two hour window for all of our grooms. We will text you within that time window and let you know when we are on the way. Occasionally traffic and other circumstances come up. If that is the case, we will contact you.
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