Dog Bath and Tidy

25 Pounds or Less

Starting at $95

26+ Pounds

Starting at $100+ (breed dependent)

Double Coated Dogs Starting at $150+ (Huskies, German Shepherds, Etc)

Dog Bath 

and Cut

5-14 lbs or less

 Starting at $105

15- 30 lbs or more: Starting at $110

31+: Starting at +130


 Starting at $150 (coat/ size dependent) 

Cat Grooming

Brush out and Nails Starting at $110

Bath, Brush Out, Nails 

Starting at $140


Full Groom (includes clipping hair, bath, brush out, and nails):

Starting at $160

Service Areas

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 12.54.41

Location Fees: 

Green: No Fee 

Yellow: $15 Fee

Purple: $20 Fee